Here we’ll announce talks and seminars organized by the project, or of relevance to the project’s theme.


June 20 Andrew Brenner “Explaining Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing”

May 30 Anna-Sofia Maurin “Maximal Explanatory Distance”

May 16 2018, Alexander Skiles “On the Grounding-Explanation Link”

May 5 2018, Dan Marshall “Nominalism and Ideological Parsimony”

Feb 28 2018, Darragh Byrne “Anti-Physicalism and a Semantic Solution to the Pairing Problem”

Jan 1 2018, Anna-Sofia Maurin “A Van Inwagean Defense of Constitutionalism”

May 3 2017, Einar Duenger Bohn “What is the Meaning of Life?”

March 28 2017, Robin Stenwall “The Causal Irrelevance of Derivative Entities”

Feb 2 2017, Anna-Sofia Maurin “Grounding & Explanation: it’s complicated”