gruppIn the back: Robin Stenwall. In front, from left to right: Anna-Sofia Maurin, Naomi Thompson, Andrew Brenner, and Alexander Skiles. Picture by Monica Havström.

Welcome to the webpage for the philosophy project Metaphysical Explanation, funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, and hosted by the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. The project will run over the next 3 years (2017-2019), and involves a core of five researchers, and a scientific ‘board’ of nine. For more information about this project, who we are, and what we intend to do in the next few years, follow the links provided above.

In the News! 2nd conference on the project’s theme, Feb 13-14 2018. Confirmed speakers (apart from members of our reseach group) include Ricki Bliss (Lehigh University), Einar Duenger Bohn (Agder University), Daniel Giberman (University of Texas at Arlington), Lina Jansson (University of Nottingham), David Kovacs (Tel Aviv University), Elanor Taylor (Johns Hopkins University), and Kelly Trogdon (Virginia Tech). For more information, please visit our (continually updated) website here.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask by e-mailing the project’s PI Anna-Sofia Maurin at: