Metaphysical Explanation III

Time and Place: Jan 8-9 2020, The Lux building, Lund University, room B336 (map here).


Talks are 30-40 min., sometimes followed by a comment of 5-10 min., and then the floor is opened for a general discussion.

Wednesday, Jan 8

13.00 – 13.50  Johan Brännmark (Malmö) (joint work with Anna-Sofia Maurin (Gothenburg)): Methodological Individualism: Ontology vs. Explanation

14.00 – 15.10 Stefano Caputo (Sassari): The just One Entity argument against Realism About Grounding (comment by Darragh Byrne (Birmingham))

15.10 – 15.30 Tea/coffee break

15.30 – 16.40  Thomas Kivatinos (Auburn): Are Some Metaphysical Explanations Scientific Explanations? And If So, What Follows? (comment by Robin Stenwall (Lund))

16.45 – 17.35 Robin Stenwall(Lund): How Truth-Making Distributes


Thursday, Jan 9

9.30 – 10.40    Ylwa Sjölin Wirling(KTH): Is Credibility of Models a Guide to Possibility of Systems? A Challenge in Scientific Modelling (comment by Anna-Sofia Maurin (Gothenburg))

10.40 – 11.00 Tea/coffee break

11.00 – 12.10 Jonas Werner (Hamburg): Arbitrary Metaphysical Explanations (comment by Alexander Skiles (Rutgers))

12.10 – 14.00  Lunch

14.00 – 15.10  Petter Sandstad (Rostock) and Ludger Jansen (Passau): Essences as Metaphysical Explanantia (comment by Naomi Thompson(Southampton))

15.15 – 16.25 Alex Brehier-Stamatiadis (Leeds): Backing as Truthmaking (comment by Anna-Sofia Maurin (Gothenburg))

16.25 – 16.40 Tea/coffee break

16.40 – 17.50 Tobias Wilsch (Tübingen): Modal Pluralism and the Great Chain of Being (comment by Alexander Skiles(Rutgers))

Registration: If you’d like to attend the conference, please register (free of charge) by e-mailing Robin Stenwall ( to let him know!