Fourth workshop on Metaphysical Explanation

August 27-28 we meet to discuss metaphysical explanation, this time in Lund. We begin in the afternoon of the 27th and the public part of the workshop ends late afternoon on the 28th (program below). The morning of the 29th is dedicated to a meeting with the research group on metaphysical explanation.

Contributors include Andrew Brenner (Gothenburg), Darragh Byrne (Birmingham), Anna-Sofia Maurin (Gothenburg), Alexander Skiles (Gothenburg/NY), Robin Stenwall (Gothenburg/Lund), Naomi Thompson (Gothenburg/Southampton), and Kelly Trogdon (Virginia Tech).

Venue: Helgonavägen 3, Lund (the LUX-buildning). Link to google maps here. We convene in room B 538.

Registration: To register (free of charge) send an e-mail to Anna-Sofia Maurin at no later than Aug 22.

For abstracts, go here.

Program Day One

13-14.30     Kelly Trogdon (Virginia Tech): Full grounding and nothing-over-and-aboveness (comment by Naomi Thompson (Southampton/Gothenburg))

14.45-16.15    Darragh Byrne (Birmingham): Grounding Anti-Realism

16.30-18         Anna-Sofia Maurin: Maximal Explanatory Distance

Program Day Two

10.30-12        Alexander Skiles: The Many Ways to Be

13-14.30        Robin Stenwall: A New Challenge for Objective Uncertainties 

14.45-16.15 Andrew Brenner: Explanation and Simple vs Complex Accounts of Personal Identity Over Time