1st one-day workshop on Metaphysical Explanation, May 2017

Welcome to our first in a line of several one-day workshop at which we meet to discuss work in progress of relevance to our understanding of metaphysical explanations!


9.30-10.40   Anna-Sofia Maurin (University of Gothenburg): “Grounding & Explanation: it’s complicated”

10.40-11.00  Coffee break

11.00-12.10  Alexander Skiles (New York University): “In Defense of Grounding Realism”

12.10-14.00  Lunch

14.00-15.10  Naomi Thompson (University of Southampton): “Rethinking Fictional Irrealism”

15.15-16.25  Einar Duenger Bohn (University of Agder): “The Trickling Down Principle”

16.25-16.45  Coffee break

16.45-17.55  Robin Stenwall (University of Gothenburg & Lund University): “A Case for External Grounding”

Time & Place: The workshop takes place on Thursday, May 11, in room T340, Olof     Wijksgatan 6 (“Gamla Hovrätten”). We start at 9.30.

Registration: Participation is free of charge. To register send an e-mail to Anna-Sofia Maurin (anna-sofia[dot]maurin[at]gu[dot]se). Everyone who register will be sent papers and abstracts by e-mail, and will be informed of any and every schedule-changes.

If you want to join the speakers for lunch/dinner (at your own expense), let Anna-Sofia know when registering (preferably asap).

You are very welcome to attend only select talks, but please make sure you arrive and leave during the breaks.